Welcome to swiss-linguistics.com!

Swiss-linguistics.com is a platform dedicated to sharing and providing information on linguistics in Switzerland. The site primarily serves as an interface for people working in the field of linguistics in Switzerland, regardless of their departmental affiliation or field of interest.

This site provides...

Bildschirmfoto 2009-12-23 um 22.36.45...information on the people who are affiliated with Swiss linguistics-related institutions. This overview is designed to facilitate networking between linguists in Switzerland and at the same time provides information about scientists and the field of linguistics in Switzerland itself to anybody who is interested.

Bildschirmfoto 2009-12-23 um 22.36.19...a calendar with pooled information on talks, presentations, workshops, conferences, colloquia etc., all of which are currently taking place at various Swiss linguistics-related institutions.

Bildschirmfoto 2009-12-23 um 22.35.40...a message board to publish comments and suggestions or exchange opinions and ideas.

Swiss-linguistics.com further supplies information on various Swiss linguistic associations, additional linguistics resources, a job portal, and a monthly newsletter.